About Slumber Dry™

Slumber Dry™ is your child's hidden helper at night.

It keeps sheets and mattress dry - no more stripping beds in the middle of the night.
Older children gain a greater sense of independence as they simply remove the Slumber Dry™ in the event of an accident, without having to wake Mum or Dad.
It's ideal for toilet training. Helps to give the child both confidence and protection from wetting the bed.
Slumber Dry™ is cost-effective and reusable, made for machine washing and tumble drying. No more daily washing loads of sheets - simply wash the Slumber Dry™ and it's ready to go back on the bed.
It's totally portable and great for holidays, takes up hardly any room in suitcase, is lightweight and stores flat.
Your child can have the confidence to sleep over at a friend's house, without the worry and embarrassment of wetting the bed.
If you choose two underlays, your child can be back to sleep quickly with a new Slumber Dry™ for continuous protection.
Slumber Dry™ is great for School Camps and fits perfectly and discreetly into a standard size sleeping bag.

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